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Re: [opensuse-project] openSUSE 11.2 Final Release Candidate
  • From: Greg Freemyer <greg.freemyer@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 14:58:22 -0400
  • Message-id: <87f94c370910291158s40e3e08had79140ac36ec24c@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
On Thu, Oct 29, 2009 at 1:10 PM, Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier <jzb@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
This is it folks! We're almost there for openSUSE 11.2. Time to grab the final
11.2 release candidate and shake out any remaining bugs to get the lizard
ready for release. This release includes an updated kernel, Samba, Firefox,
and more.

This release should be almost ready for the gold master stamp, but there's
still time to shake out remaining bugs. This release should not be deployed on
production systems, but should be ready for early adopters and contributors
who want to help with testing and development of 11.2.

**Changes Since openSUSE 11.2 RC 1**

Release Candidate 2 includes a few new packages, and several of the "most
annoying bugs" in RC 1 have been fixed for this release. New packages include:

 * Linux kernel

 * SeaMonkey 2.0

 * Firefox 3.5.4

 * Samba 3.4.2

 * xorg-x11-server 1.6.5

A more complete list can be found on the wiki[1] and an updated list of
Factory packages can be found on DistroWatch[2].

11.2 is looking fantastic. Want screenshots? We've got 'em! Check out the
shots here[3], and/or add your own.

**Most Annoying Bugs**

As this is a release candidate, we're still shaking the release out for major
bugs. However, at this point in the cycle, we're almost ready to call 11.2 RC
2 production ready. We do know of one bug worth noting, however: The Net ISO
images will call the factory repository. The URL for repositories needs to be
changed from /factory/repo/oss to /factory-snapshot/repo/oss manually.

You can find more on adding repositories on the openSUSE wiki[4].

If any major new bugs do crop up, they will be listed on the openSUSE

**Testing! Testing! Testing!**

As you can see, 11.2 RC2 does have a few bugs that we know about -- but there
may be more lurking somewhere in the release that haven't been found yet. If
you want to make sure 11.2 final is free of Most Annoying Bugs, we'll need
your help finding, reporting, and fixing those hidden bugs.

To learn more about testing openSUSE, visit the Testing[6] pages on the
openSUSE wiki. To follow the testing and development process, we suggest that
you subscribe to the openSUSE-Factory mailing list, and join the #openSUSE-
Factory channel on Freenode to discuss openSUSE development.

**Get Release Candidate 2 Today!**

What are you waiting for? Grab the milestone release today! Downloads are
available at[7] now.

Note, if you need to try the live CD on a machine with no CD-ROM drive, you
can copy it to a USB key with the following command:

dd if=image.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=4M

Replace "image.iso" with the name of the ISO image that you have downloaded,
and replace "sdX" with the actual device name of your USB drive. Be careful!
This will erase the target device, so make sure you have the correct device
name and have any vital data backed up!

The final release for 11.2 is scheduled to be released on November 12, 2009.
See the detailed roadmap on the on the wiki[8].

We're at the home stretch. A big thanks to all the contributors who have
participated in the 11.2 cycle. Without you, we'd have no openSUSE.









Joe 'Zonker' Brockmeier <jzb@xxxxxxxxxx>

Joe and all,

11.2 looks like a great release. I'm looking forward to upgrading
several machines to it.

Thinking of Upgrading, one thing I would really like to see done
before 11.2 goes final is reviewing
the wiki upgrade pages to ensure they do a good job.


1) Are consistent with each other and do they provide best practice
recommendations? [No]

Currently they describe 2 different ways to address the pre-upgrade

I don't know what the best practice for eliminating old repos is
during the upgrade process, but I suspect getting rid of all your old
repos is not it.

But per <Upgrade#Removing_old_repositories> it is.

ie. mv /etc/zypp/repos.d /etc/zypp/repos.d-backup

OTOH <Upgrade/11.2> has a partial description of an alternate
process. I'd add some edits, but I'm not sure what the author was
trying to describe.

I don't know if there are other conflicts / issues with the articles.

But, if the 11.2 specific page is the one that is going the be the
most trusted, then the generic Upgrade page should start with huge
link from it to the other page right off the bat.

2) If not, the generic page needs to cover 11.2 upgrades from 11.1,
11.0, or 10.3 (It currently does not discuss 11.2 at all).

3) I would like to see announcements such as Joe's, etc. provide a
direct link to the Wiki Upgrade page that is deemed best.

Greg Freemyer
Head of EDD Tape Extraction and Processing team
Litigation Triage Solutions Specialist
Preservation and Forensic processing of Exchange Repositories White Paper -

The Norcross Group
The Intersection of Evidence & Technology
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