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[opensuse-packaging] RFC: Guidelines change for lua packaging

For background information, which describes the current packaging
situation in build-service. please see the following mail

This is a revised version of a previously mailed RFC to this mailinglist
<> and
still needs refinement. Where appropriate, comments of other people are
included in the main document, and where necessary comments are included
within the ==NOTE== marks.

Therefore contributions in enhancing the document is kindly requested.



1) The main development should be taking place in devel:languages:lua
and therefore devel:languages:misc should be droped as the devel repo
for Factory.

Dominique Leuenberger suggested this effort could be started by
populating the packages (preferably as links to openSUSE:Factory, where
they are already pushed). Any package that made it into
devel:languages:lua should get a changedevelrequest to have the official
devel repo follow the new package.

2) various lua packages that are scattered around the OBS should be
developed in devel:languages:lua

That means contacting the maintainers of such packages and ask for
moving there package(s) to devel:languages:lua project

* Guidelines for Lua packages *

Macros are already defined by the lua and lua51 packages in

# RPM macros for Lua

# The major.minor version of Lua
%lua_version %(lua -e 'print(_VERSION)' | cut -d ' ' -f 2)

In Ludwig Nussel suggested to compute this once at build time when
installing the macros, rather then having rpm evaluate this macro every time

# compiled modules should go here
%lua_archdir %{_libdir}/lua/%{lua_version}

# pure Lua modules should go here
%lua_noarchdir %{_datadir}/lua/%{lua_version}

* Addon packages
Lua add-on packages should generally follow the naming scheme of
lua(version)-PKG_NAME -- e.g.

Currently main lua packages provided by openSUSE are as follows
lua ------ providing version 5.2
lua51 ------ providing version 5.1
lua50 ------ providing version 5.0

lua51-luafilesystem -- tobe used with lua version 5.1
lua-luafilesystem -- tobe used with lua version 5.2

Unfortunately this itself brings the problem with the next version of
lua coming into play say 5.3. Therefore a better way of naming the main
lua packages is needed in order to prevent renaming process in the future

* Development Packages
Some lua modules provide some C parts for extending the module should
the user chooses to enhance the module. Hence the name development
package, and these packages should have devel suffix added to the
package name




* Documentation packages
Taking account of the rpmlint warning regarding huge documentation, or
the package is just documentation then naming should be

lua(version)-PackageName-doc and should be installed to %_defaultdocdir


* Packaging tools *

Many upstream Lua developers use LuaRocks to distribute their modules.
Therefore we probably should be finding a way to integrate luarocks in
our build system and possibly provide a packaging mechanism similar to
py2pack of python

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