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[opensuse-kde] KDE repository changes based on openSUSE 13.2/Tumbleweed/KDE 4.14
Dear openSUSE KDE user,

With openSUSE 13.2, the 4.14.2 release for KDE 4 was shipped. Like with every
openSUSE release, the openSUSE KDE team will provide the 4.14.x updates
through the normal maintenance channel to oS 13.2 users. For oS 12.3 and 13.1
users, these updates will appear in the KDE:Current repository.

4.14 is the last release of the so-called Software Compilation. Upstream has
started an effort to port applications to Qt5 and the KDE Frameworks 5 (KF5),
and on top of that libraries, the workspace (Plasma) and applications will
follow separate release schedules. On top of that, the subsequent releases of
the applications will feature also KF5 based software, and the number is
rapidly increasing.

In short an openSUSE 13.2 user would only require to add KDE:Extra as an
additional resource in YaST/zypper to stay up-to-date regarding KDE packages.

Below I will indicate in more details what the changes per repository will be.

KDE:Current repository will remain as is and will not be enabled for openSUSE
13.2. As indicated that last KDE 4 release was shipped with oS 13.2 and will
be kept up-to-date with maintenance updates. It would be useless to build
KDE:Current for 13.2 and waste buildpower.

KDE:Extra repository has been built for openSUSE 13.2 and people will be able
to find here the latest released versions of KDE applications that are not
part of the KDE SC. Of course we will also enable the build for the new
Tumbleweed repository.

KDE:Distro:Factory repository is the devel project for Factory and will not be
build anymore for anything else than Factory. All other build targets will be
removed within the next few days.

KDE:Unstable:SC repository will disappear as that there will be no new major
release for KDE 4.

KDE:Unstable:Extra repository will slowly make the shift to build those KDE
packages that are currently being ported to KDE Frameworks, This also includes
applications that are part of the KDE SC. This repository will be build
against KDE:Frameworks5 and KDE:Unstable:Frameworks

KDE:Qt repository will remain as is. openSUSE 13.2 will not be added as an
additional build target as that the current Qt 4.8.6 release is also most
likely the last release for Qt 4. In the case that we will see a newer Qt 4
release, then we will provide the update here and enable the build for
openSUSE 13.2. If this Qt 4 update will also be provided as a Maintenance
Update for 13.2 has to been seen.

KDE:Frameworks5 repository has already been enabled for openSUSE 13.2.

KDE:Unstable:Frameworks repository will build for openSUSE 13.1 and openSUSE
13.2 periodically.


openSUSE KDE team
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