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[openFATE 313177] Persistent mountpoints in /media
Feature changed by: Ned Ulbricht (ned_ulbricht)
Feature #313177, revision 4
Title: Persistent mountpoints in /media

openSUSE Distribution: Unconfirmed
Requester: Important

Requested by: Ned Ulbricht (ned_ulbricht)
Partner organization:

Prior to 12.1, it was simple to create persistent directories for use
as mountpoints under /media. Going back even further, /media itself was
added to the FHS because many people had been creating persistent
mountpoints under /mnt, and the consensus was that /mnt should be
reserved for its traditional use as a top-level temporary mountpoint.
Now however, in 12.1, with the adoption of systemd, /media is being
mounted as a tmpfs. In addition this change was also rolled into the
sysvinit setup. See
Since I'm using sysvinit with 12.1 (and not going to switch to systemd
for anything other than test use during this release cycle), for now
I've just decided to comment out the lines that mount /media as a tmpfs
in /etc/init.d/boot.localfs

Business case (Partner benefit): Gratuitously breaking stuff that used to work makes
people grumpy. Very grumpy.

#1: Jan Engelhardt (jengelh) (2012-02-05 15:15:18)
If you want a "persistent" directory in a tmpfs mount, you should use
systemd's "tmpfiles.d" mechanism (see `man tmpfiles.d`).

+ #2: Ned Ulbricht (ned_ulbricht) (2012-02-05 23:33:42) (reply to #1)
+ Thanks. The email thread linked above contains a message
+ ( suggesting
+ the tmpfiles.d mechanism, so I'm aware of that approach. But I'm glad
+ you pointed that out for the benefit of those now exclusively using
+ systemd.
+ However, that mechanism does not work for people using sysvinit. I just
+ tested it--just in case I had somehow misread boot.localfs: It doesn't
+ work. Further, my reading of the code indicates no reason to suspect
+ that it might work.

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