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Re: [opensuse-factory] Many problems since about Kernel 5.1.x on Tumbleweed Client - KDE isn't useable anymore
On Mon, Jul 15, 2019 at 5:35 PM AW <alexander.willand@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Am Montag, 15. Juli 2019, 14:36:40 CEST schrieb Manfred Hollstein:
Still, rebooting or shutting down a 15.0 or 15.1 system hangs for too
long (up to 3 minutes) from time to time... Didn't find the actual
reason for it yet, though.

Yes, here as well. Leap 15.1, using QT 5.13.

In our use, a file system server for a mounted system goes away.

In our mixed environment, we have a main computer running openSUSE,
and a number of support ones running Windows 10 (the equipment
suppliers only support Windows...). Both machines mount filesystems
from each other. The Windows machines are accessed via our own network
protocol that manages the data collection on these systems. They do
not have a display. When they need to be shut down, an rdesktop
session is started, and they are shutdown. This is initiated from
within KDE.

When the Windows file server goes away (which it will because it is
always turned off first), parts of KDE 'freeze'. Every time.
Guaranteed. Unmounting the shares is problematic because we use autofs
(which makes the system startup much better as the Windows machines
are either late in starting or perhaps not powered on - life in the
real world). System startup works fine. It is problematic at shutdown
because even if one unmounts the file systems, KDE will access them
again and they are remounted. Usually rather quickly. So they will
probably still be mounted when the Windows server goes away.

The ability to use the system when the Windows machines are not
powered on is a requirement. So we have set things up accordingly. But
it has made system shutdown when the Windows machines are used a pita.

I had a thread about this in the General list a while back. We have
never solved this KDE behavior. I suspect the consensus will be that
KDE is just trying to keep the desktop information up-to-date. I'm
fine with that. It just shouldn't freeze when a file system is no
longer mounted. Maybe it is stuck in the system call doing the actual
access. If so, then that should perhaps be done in a thread that does
not effect KDE responsiveness.

I do not think this is new KDE behavior. I see it as of 42.3.

Roger Oberholtzer
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