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Re: [opensuse-factory] Many problems since about Kernel 5.1.x on Tumbleweed Client - KDE isn't useable anymore
* ub22@xxxxxxx <ub22@xxxxxxx> [07-15-19 06:56]:

Gesendet: Montag, 15. Juli 2019 um 11:15 Uhr; Von: "Roger Oberholtzer"

We also have the KDE issue on boot. Our CIFS shares are mounted via
autofs as defined in /etc/fstab. For example:


In the moment at all systems the automounter was disabled.

The interesting thing is that the mounts never go away when not used.
I think this is because KDE is checking them. Even when they are not
the current directory in any KDE component (that we can locate).

When you log in again, KDE remembers the previous directory layout and
tries to access the directories. This will hang until the server
boots, or some KDE timeout is reached (we think). All of which makes
the autofs a bit useless. Ok, the system does not hang waiting. But
since KDE does, the system could just as well hang anyway...

Hmm.. I dedicated disabled the automounter again. Look what happens
and enable them in a second test to verify.

But the strange thing is, the behavior refers on different user and
clients. The whorst one is my own - but with the benefit that the
kwallet password entry starts like normal (but entry will not shown
and the dialog a closed after some minutes - if password was enter
this will be accepted). Entry on the konsole is possible but also
is delayed about 1minute.

you could try making your mount with sshfs as (make one line):
echo "<passwd>" | sshfs -C -o

<user>@<machine>:/<directory/ /<local-machine-mount-point>

or user:
ssh-keygen -R <remote-machine> -f ~/.ssh/know_hosts
ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/ <user>@<machine>

(make one line)
sshfs -C -o


<user>@<machine>:/<directory/ /<local-machine-mount-point>

I find nfs somewhat qwerky in some respects but sshfs is also qwerky but
in other respects and seem to have reached a balance using both. some
sshfs connections I make using cron:

@reboot sshfs -C -o ....

and other can be made via fstab entries but neither appear to work for me
in all situations :(

for sshfs, reconnect helps to maintain a constant connection and
allow_other provides access to users other than the mounter, requires
alterning /etc/fuse3.conf (user_allow_other).

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