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Re: [opensuse-factory] Are OBS _constraints a broken concept?
On Fri, 2019-07-12 at 01:44 +0200, Stefan Brüns wrote:
Hi everyone,

anyone else waiting for a package to go through Staging to land in
Better see yourself to a large stack of book/DVDs/BluRays/whatever, as that
will probably not happen in the near future.

Just have a look at the Dashboard [1], and notice almost every Staging is
stuck at 99%. And if you dig any deeper, all Stagings are waiting for Firefox
to be built. Now, Firefox apparently is a monster and needs 16GByte of memory
to build, but that's not the relevant part.

The OBS has 4 workers able to build Firefox, and as FF needs about 2 hours to
complete it should be able to complete a Staging about twice an hour.

That is sadly the truth: FF is constantly the on holding off staging
projects. It's resource hungryness starts already at build time.

In most normal days, though, this is less of an issue, as the stagings
are 'interleaving' their builds together. Only with the switch to LTO,
I needed to rebase all 15 stagings at the same time - which means the
15 almost all end up at about the same time to build FF. With 4 workers
available to handle FF, this is quite a limit of course (needless to
say, but FF is behind the longest queue anyway, as it has to wait for
Rust to be built first)

As for your DoS comment: there is an additional project priorisation in
OBS. all those 'passive links', where nobody really works on them,
should be penalized by OBS already and down-priorized. Of course, the
number of workers capable of building FF is far from ideal.

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