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Re: [opensuse-factory] Toxic inuslt directed at contributers [was Re: bug 1022830 GTK3 apps not honoring system-wide DPI settings]
Hi Atri,

I have to apologize.

I wrote my previous mail in a hurry with the intention to prevent more
insults. (The alternative would have been to wait for some more hours,
which I considered the worse option.)

After re-reading Sergey's mail, I realized how toxic and insulting it
really was, and I fully understand that you are pissed off with me for
my (in hindsight) far too diplomatic mail (and "far too diplomatic"
still sounds too mild - sorry, I don't have a better word to explain
it). I really should have written something like Gertjan did :-/

I also realized that I should have ignored the "send a warning" policy
in this extreme case. (Actually I just sent a mail to my board
colleagues that we should ban Sergey. Yes, too late to avoid upsetting
you. :-( )

So again, sorry!

I highly appreciate what you and the GNOME team do for openSUSE, and
hope you can forgive me. If there is anything I can do to help you feel
better again, please let me know.


Christian Boltz

PS: The (random!) signature makes me look additionally bad - but I
probably deserve that.
(Unfortunately it's in german, so I'll add a translation.)
PUNKT! AUS! UND FINITO! Da gibt's keine Diskussion, da kann man sich
nicht rausreden, auch wenn man nen Handstand macht, mit 30 Zehen
wackelt oder sich sonst wie zum Affen (Ups: Sorry an alle Affen, ist
nur so'n blöder Ausdruck von uns auch-Affen!) macht!
[David Haller in opensuse-de]

FULL STOP. END. AND FINITO! There is no discussion, you can't make
excuses, even if you do a handstand, wiggle with 30 toes or otherwise
make yourself a monkey! (oops, sorry to all monkeys - that's just a
silly expression of us also-monkeys!)
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