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[opensuse-factory] Stepping down as maintainer/member.
Hi Community!

For the wast majority of you who have no idea of who I am, I've been
one of your GNOME maintainers for quite some years (at least 5 but
closer to 10 I belive), but have for the most part stayed out of the
day to day traffic on your favorite mailing lists.

This is a notice of me stepping down as maintainer for openSUSE.
I'm mainly a GNOME maintainer, but I've been known to put my grubby
fingers in quite a few packages outside of GNOME.

For some time now I've been doing maintenance/packaging not because I
had fun doing it, but out of sense of duty/guilt. I have now reached a
point where I just can't in good conscience go on, and hence this
notice of goodbye.

Reason for doing this publicly and not just fade silently out the back
is that I hope this way I can wrestle up some new maintainers for GNOME
in particular. Leaving Dominique Leuenberger (DimStar) as the sole
maintainer for the ~650 or so packages we maintain is not sustainable
nor healthy, as it will probably burn him out like it has me.

Please note that this is not a "rage quit", but something that has been
brewing for years, and had I not had such respect from and for and
quite frankly genuine friendship with my co-maintainer DimStar, I'd
left a long time ago.

Over time I've realized that what I want out of openSUSE and what the
majority of it's community (developers/packagers/users/SUSE) wants, do
not align so I've come to the conclusion it's better for everyone if I
step down. - This is further backed up by me for quite some time being
unsubscribed from all mailing-lists, all bug-report emails disabled and
likewise all email notifications from OBS, but still feel annoyed all
the time, and I keep seeing changes I disagree with being pushed into
openSUSE. Aka: it's not "you", it's me ;-).

I wish the best for openSUSE in the future, and since I "know" the
tooling (OBS/openQA) that makes this community/distro work is the best
there is hands down, I'm confident this will continue to happen without
me, most likely even better.

Thankfully most of the packages I maintain are co-maintained, so I'll
not have to make sure there are people ready to take over, but I will
make a special note out of gstreamers and poppler, as these have been
my "babies" for a few years - These packages are so central to the
desktop experience that they deserve a dedicated person maintaining
them. Please file maintainer req via obs for those.
(Also everyone please queue up to become a GNOME maintainer, as we are
really understaffed there).

An other "project" I leave behind is the removal of webkitgtk - I had
hoped to stay on until we could remove that one before leaving, but at
least I was around to see webkitgtk3 get nuked (only 4 years after
upstream declared it dead).

In any case, goodbye and best of luck going forward!

// Bjørn Lie (Zaitor)

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