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Re: [opensuse-factory] android-tools and way forward

On 01/10/2017 15:40, Tomas Chvatal wrote:
Hello all,

With our preparations to migrate to openssl-1.1.0 we are in dire need
of updated version of android-tools [0] as they won't compile with the
new openssl (and new revisions of course will need boringssl).

As it is obvious from the specfile the upstream does not make it really
easy to produce the required binaries. I checked other distros and
Fedora has a workable package [1] but even that seem to need quite
tweaking with each update.

I am wondering what would be the best solution to go forward, and maybe
simply we ough to give up on it and just ship the binaries from Google
[2], because honestly using 2 years old adb and fastboot is not a win


A while back I spent some time, using the files, manually updating the Makefile for fastboot but eventually couldn't finish. I googled extensively prior to that for an to gnu Makefile converter but it seems that you can convert from gnu to android but nobody's bothered with android to gnu.
I've checked in my work to home:plater/android-tools if anyone wishes to build on it but be warned it's quite a mess and although I altered the git commands to download the sources a lot of the work was done within the sources.
Dave P
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