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Re: [opensuse-factory] openqa kernel testing
On 06.02.2014 07:15, Matwey Kornilov wrote:
Hello, All.

Will we be able to add some kernel performance tests? Especially,
filesystem and io schedulers ones.

Last year I had an issue when my system having been upgraded to 12.3 was
becoming unusable due to deadlock in reiserfs quota routines within 5
minutes after boot. Majority of processes just were in d state.

Would be great to have an automatic tool to avoid similar issues in

You can do a lot of things with automated tests, but I think it's
unreasonable to expect someone (else) to write a test case for
reiserfs quota.

But enabling interested people to (easily) write test cases is a
mid term goal. Which of them we want to run and when is another
discussion. Test suites can be quite unfair to the one looking at
them - you have to often dig if the test is broken or the software
you're testing. This is especially true for performance tests. So
this needs to be done with extra care.

Greetings, Stephan

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