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Re: [opensuse-factory] Important changes to patterns in factory

Quoting Stephan Kulow <coolo@xxxxxxx>:


This has several consequences:
- patterns are tracked in OBS and no longer in github
- I'll need to spend quite some time to redo the package list
tracking for Lives and DVDs, but I'll gladly work on that ;)
- we can actually split the patterns-openSUSE package into
logical groups

The last one is very important - it means we can e.g. have
patterns-openSUSE-kde.spec in K:D:F and patterns-openSUSE-gnome.spec
in G:F without the teams having to go through me to update their
desktops. All that matters in the end is that their packages
provide "pattern() = <DESKTOP>".

hi Stephan,

I like the idea! What is very important then is to have a very quick way of finding breakages, even as simple ones as 'this last chane overruns the capacity we are willing to allow to go in the .ISO).

Preferably I would want to spot this before submitting it to Factory..

Other than that! GREAT WORK!

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