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Re: [opensuse-factory] Online update messages to be improved
Christian Boltz <opensuse@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

The easiest way would be a button "[show patch details]" (or a similar
"> show patch details" expandable) that shows the patch description of
the patch that asked for the reboot.

Yes, agreed. This would make sense.

The BOfH way yould be to just add a text "we told you before in the
patch description" ;-)

Yeah, I already thought about that and was a little bit angry with
myself that I did not do a screen shot during the update ;)

In this case, it's the AppArmor update for 13.1. Just in case you wonder
why it needs a reboot - I found a bug in apparmor-parser %postun that,
in combination with systemd, removes AppArmor protection from running
processes when updating the apparmor-parser package. (See the patch
description or changelog for details.)
That's the reason why this update has the "reboot needed" flag set.

Thanks for the explanation!

If you don't want to reboot, run aa-status and restart all processes
listed in the section "... processes are unconfined but have a profile

Ok, maybe I'll try that.

That said - yes, it would be nice to have a place that links
"openSUSE-2014-97" to the patch details.

This would be nice. Of course, you could filter for "Installed Patches"
(sorting isn't perfect, though). I should probably enter enhancement bugs.

BTW: what's "DDG"?

This is the DuckDuckGo search engine ;^)

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