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[opensuse-factory] Re: [opensuse-project] Timeline and roadmap V2
On 30-01-2014 13:12, Michal Hrusecky wrote:
Hi all,

As you know we had a week-long meeting in Nuremberg. Quite a few of the things
we've been working on (openQA, OBS workflow etc) were shared by now. Besides
discussing features, we scheduled our work.

In the previous thread on $SUBJECT, Simon noted that going for a release in
November seemed a far smarter compromise between the benefits of releasing and
getting some improvements in our tool chain than skipping a release. Most of
the team agreed on this right away and we'd like to go for that.

However. This does not mean the initial idea of doing a more 'relaxed' release
is off the table. Planning software development is hard, planning
experimentation (like the staging projects we are toying with) is impossible so
we can not predict when we will be done. This means that we still intend to
take those of you who stepped forward to help out with the release up on their
offer. The exact nature of what we release is still to be determined and we'd
like to make a more final decision on how much effort we can and will put in in
August. So far it is sure that we would need some volunteer to keep eye on
Factory and release milestones at least till then.

So, for now, this will be a 'community release'. This might mean less QA but
also no security updates provided by SUSE! Especially if it comes to the latter
case we should communicate this carefully to our users as it will be more like
a slightly more stabilized milestone than a successor to openSUSE 13.1. How to
call it, how to communicate and what exactly it will look like - August.

When exactly we will be fully back to working on Factory, releasing milestones,
and working on the release we will hopefully be able to determine in August as

The openSUSE Team

I would like to personally take the opportunity to congratulate The openSUSE Team and their illustrious leader Agustin, for their complete and utter inability to learn how to communicate with the community!

Sound a bit harsh? Well personally I feel it is completely warranted, here at FOSDEM, I have had no end of discussions with people about the "changes" happening at openSUSE. I am dumbfounded that this team that ironically has openSUSE in their title, has not learnt that their current style of communication is so damaging. Even with all the feedback after Agustin and the team's previous emails on "strategy" etc. they are un able to communicate without causing a storm of epic proportions, and alienating the entire community.

I have been involved with openSUSE and its predecessors for 12 years, and I have seen some fairly atrocious communication in that time. This however takes the biscuit!

The annoying part is I actually agree with the team's intention to focus on improving Factory and OBS. However, the way that it has been communicated is shocking. It's so bad that the likes of LWN, Phoronix & to name a few have picked up the message that "SUSE is stopping it's engineers of working on openSUSE as part of their $DAYJOB", yes I'm paraphrasing but the message is clear.

The fact that there is no mention of handover, staging or any form of enablement for the community to take the slack is a clear sign of piss poor planning. Sending a message that the Security and Maintenance team would not be doing their job without checking with them, is an astounding feat of incompetence. That even after drop kicking the hornet's nest, and scaring the bejeezus out of the community, there has been no clear message of what was originally intended; it has been up to our astounding community to work on calming people and stating clearly what exactly is going to happen - Many thanks Coolo for being crystal clear in what is happening with the release of 13.2, thank you Greg for clearly and simply stating what the "openSUSE" team will be doing.

I am genuinely disgusted that this team has openSUSE in their title, in the last 12 months this team has done an amazing amount of damage with their cack handed communication and inability to listen and learn from the community.

Please note that this is my personal view as a member of the openSUSE community.

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