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Re: [opensuse-factory] Fwd: Opensuse Mate branding
On Tue, 2013-03-05 at 18:43 +0100, denisart benjamin2 wrote:
Hello everyone !

I'm now a maintainer of the Mate development project and we are
working on Factory. But after discussing with the main maintainer of
Mate project, we have a little conflict and I need your opinion.

For providing a default desktop, Gnome use gsettings schemes in
glib2-branding-opensuse. I have purposed to add our keys in because I want to purpose the same
experience that Gnome2. But he wants to use a in a
mate-desktop specific branding package.

What do you think about this ?

This will become a fun experience I guess....

maintaining it in a mate-branding-openSUSE package sounds obvious for
the reason that it's easily pulled in by mate.. and clearly associates
that this is the 'default configuration for mate'.

Using glib2-branding-openSUSE (or any other gsettings override for the
matter!): we'll need to find a clear way to ensure that settings from
Mate will not disturb the GNOME 3 setup and, of course, also the other
way around.

- What would be your strong arguments a against using a
mate-branding-openSUSE package?
- What kind of settings do you anticipate to publish in this branding
- How will (possible) conflicts between the two overrides be handled?
(Of course, if Mate uses an own 'gsettings' namespace, instead of
org.gnome.*, then there won't ever be conflicts... not sure if it does..
if it doesn't, it probably should :) )


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