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[opensuse-factory] Kmail 4.7 is not shippable in 12.1

I have upgrade my system yesterday from 11.4 to 12.1 after some testing
and most seem to work fine but I haven't tested KMail. I thought after
it was delayed for so long it should work.

But after starting it the migration failed and the program crashed. I
thought this might have something to do that I had a newer version of
Kmail for some time (from Tumbleweed) so I removed all akonadi, kmail,
kontact and so on settings and directories in my home directory and only
restored the kmail folder and the kmailrc.

After that the automatic kmail import still failed so I used the
kmail-migrator which seems to work fine but if you start Kmail you have
your folders but in them are only a few mails which can't really be
accessed. Kmail seems to load forever.

And even the imap folders shown only some mails.

After running kmail-migrator Akonadi and Mysql had a high cpu usage
which seems to have something to do with an error posted in console
during running kmail-migrator.

So do you seriously want people to upgrade or reinstall with a home
directory from 11.4 and get all their mails messed up? Not everyone does
a backup even if they should.

I mean even if there are not so many Kmail users it worked most of the
time for me in the past. Not to mention that it is not so easy to import
all your data from this Akonadi mix.

So isn't it possible to ship the "old" Kmail from 4.6 instead, like it
was done in the past by the KDE team?
Some bugs are not a problem imho but it really seems to be utterly
broken and according to forum entries and the IRC other people seem to
have the same problem.

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