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call for a full time "en" sysop
  • From: jdd <jdd@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 08 May 2006 09:07:06 +0200
  • Message-id: <445EEE1A.5040003@xxxxxxxxx>
It may be simpler for me to write this because I can't be a
candidate :-)

I think we should have a full time english-wiki sysop.

Full time don't mean he will spend all his time on the wiki,
but that the wiki will be his first concern. and sysop mean
he will have to make strategic changes, organisation ones,
not than he should have to write the wiki himself, of course.

shows that several people share the front page update. this
is probably not the better way for consistency and we know
they have also very sharp work do do on the distribution itself.

I don't care if the sysop is Novell or voluntary, but I
would like to know his name.

I think also than it's his responsability, aftyer all kinds
of discussions, to make the necessary changes. specially on
the blocked pages, he is the only who can do it.

we are simply not enough, here, to speak of democracy or
votes. We don't represent anybody than ourselves.

of course, Novell can (must) keep the css control.

the main point is than we need a referee :-). On my concern,
it's better to have a consistent layout, even if I don't
like it (and why should I don't like it :-), than as many
layouts as pages...


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