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Re: [suse-linux-uk-schools] Thinking Ahead.... Notes from a small school
  • From: <sparkz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001 20:12:04 +0000 (UTC)
  • Message-id: <009a01c0ae55$2d894d40$d84e883e@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hi to all on the list.
Just introdrucing myself really. My name is Steven Parkes I work as in ICT
Technician at Alcester Grammar School. When I started at the school they had
6 PC's, one with a dialup internet connection. Since being at the school (2
Yrs now) I've installed 1 NT Fileserver and approx 80 PC's with NT on for
the students. All students have there own username and password with their
own space on the server for files. All clients have internet access now due
to having an ISDN line installed. I also look after the admin system 15 PC's
and 1 server which was installed by CAM's, this I have had to install and
setup correctly (so much for the proffesionals, it was the worst setup
system I have come across). I have setup a school email system on this too.
About two weeks ago I decided to look into setting up a Linux Web Server,
this I have done plus a DNS server and are currently looking at setting up a
proxy server too. I also do all the buying, act as a Helpdesk to the
students and staff, and decide on the strategy that the school will take
towards IT development. OK sorry thats all the boring stuff out the way.

With regards to the discussion about putting Linux on the clients and using
the free Linux software out there. My main problem Ive found is both the
students and staff all want to take their work home and do it, then either
email it or bring it in to finish off in break times. As all these people
have had to buy systems with Microsoft products on them the question of
compatability come into question. How can they do there work at home using
the Microsoft products ie Office, Publisher, Works (yuk), then bring in and
finish at school on a LInux system? Also the kids today already know how to
use all the Microsoft stuff, It would be harder to teach them on a Linux
system and they would struggle and possibly get confused using two totally
different systems. Also as most workplaces have all Microsoft based systems
when looking for Jobs they nearly always ask if you can use Word or Excel,
if the kids had been taught on Linux machines they would have no chance in
the real world when being forced to use a microsft based machine. This is
why i chose an NT system as thats what out there normally. I would love to
put Linux on all the computers but until most businesses do I can't see that

Thanks for listening
Steve Parkes ICT Technician
Alcester Grammar School
ICQ 9814001

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