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RE: [suse-linux-uk-schools] continuing send mail probs
My understanding of the situation is as follows:

SDU - Standard Dialup Account
NDU - Network Dialup Account

When you make a dialup connection to Demon, their Mail 'SmartHost' as they
call it, attempts to make a connection via SMTP to the PC or router that
established the connection. If you have an NDU (not sure about SDU) you can
advise Demon of a specific IP address to make the SMTP connection to. This
will be one of the addresses allocated to you when you signed up for the
NDU. The DNS settings used will be demon-gw.<customers domain name> for the
router and mailgate.<customers domain name> for the expected smtp server.

If the 'Mail SmartHost' is able to make a connection (remember SMTP doesn't
usually require a user name or password), then it forwards all of your
waiting mail through this SMTP connection.

If it can't, then the mail just waits in your mailbox, until expiry when it
is bounced back to the sender as 'destination not reachable'.

If prior to message expiry, you connect with a pop3 client such as 'Outlook
Express', then your messages are downloaded (and optionally deleted from
Demons SmartHost depending upon your mail client settings).

Your dialup password and pop3 password do not have to be the same, they can
both be changed at Your
pop3 password is only ever used to pull mail from the pop3 server via a pop3
connection. You don't need a password to recieve by SMTP since Demon will
only forward to one of the IP addresses that they allocated to you.

We have an NDU in the office, I'm not sure if the above process is 100% the
same for an SDU.

Hope this helps

Chris Leech
Enigma Computer Services Ltd
01536 262100

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From: James H. Carter [mailto:JHC@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: 24 March 2001 11:33
To: Chris Leech
Subject: Re: [suse-linux-uk-schools] continuing send mail probs

Chris thanks for the tip
Currently, when I connect to Demon direct from a win 98 PC I have to supply
my POP3 password before mail will be downloaded (the same password I use for
winmail from Demon). Is it possible that Demon is only expecting be to
download mail in this way and not using SMTP?
THe Demon website wasn't that clear on this

James Carter
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Subject: RE: [suse-linux-uk-schools] continuing send mail probs

> >-----Original Message-----
> >From: Frank Shute [mailto:shute@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
> >You don't have to be on-line permanently. Demon kindly do the
> >necessary scripting for you to detect whether you're on-line or not.
> >If you are, then they try and push your mail on to you via SMTP.
> >Hence, it's not necessary to use fetchmail at all if you've got a
> This is true however, it might pay to check out if your demon account is
> currently configured to deliver via SMTP, POP3, both or None. This can be
> checked by going to
> Enter your SDU or NDU account name and dialup password, login and then
> select the 'MAIL' tab from the top of the screen. Heypresto options for
> configuring you mail delivery.
> Chris Leech
> Enigma Computer Services Ltd

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