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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Why does OBS think some packages are "unresolvable" while they are not?
Am Freitag, 13. September 2019, 08:34:14 CEST schrieb Wolfgang Rosenauer:

Am 13.09.19 um 08:15 schrieb Mathias Homann:
not completely unrelated: could you please turn on publishing on the
thunderbird68 package but leave building disabled, then wipe its binaries?
After they have been removed from the repos you can turn publishing off
again... right now the repos contain Thunderbird 68.0 which is basically
broken when it comes to addons, and Thunderbird 60.9 which works fine
but gets replaced by the broken tb 68 unless you lock it...

hmm, what do you mean by "basically broken when it comes to addons"?
The fact that it does not support old-style xul addons but only
webextensions? Or is there anything else?

well, there is the fact that so far no addons have actually been updated, or
if they have they don't work - not even the ones that come packaged with it.,
like lightning.

If it's the former there is no reason to remove TB68 because the change
will happen anyway.

maybe then the change shouldn't happen yet?

The plan also is to go to 68.1 in Tumbleweed within the next days.
The only way to stay with TB 68.9 (I'm not even sure if there will be a
60.10 is to lock it anyway which is always the case if a new version

guess i'll end up having to do that then - but then maybe you could turn *on*
pubishing for a moment, so that the already built 68.1 actually gets out? Or
is there still work to be done on that package?

I'm trying the 68.1 binaries right now, and the first I see is this:


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