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[opensuse-buildservice] Compiling Kernel:Stable kernel-default on OBS -- "version mismatch" with just-built kernel-source ?
I'm building a Kernel:stable instance -- as closely as possible, a project
clone of the Kernel:stable repo -- that I can patch, etc locally in my home:

It's been generally well behaved. Intermittently -- like, now -- I get a
'failed' build, only of the dependent kernel-default pkg,

; its parent kernel-source build fine.

But, intermittently -- like, now -- I get a 'failed' build, only of the
dependent kernel-default pkg; its parent kernel-source builds OK.

The build log shows the fail as a 'Kernel release mismatch',

[ 58s] ++ make -s kernelrelease ARCH=x86 --output-sync -j8
[ 60s] + krel=5.0.8-21.g7bd8353-default
[ 60s] + '[' 5.0.8-21.g7bd8353-default '!='
5.0.9-21.g7bd8353-default ']'
[ 60s] + echo 'Kernel release mismatch:
5.0.8-21.g7bd8353-default != 5.0.9-21.g7bd8353-default'
[ 60s] Kernel release mismatch: 5.0.8-21.g7bd8353-default !=
[ 60s] + exit 1
[ 60s] error: Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.kow8W6

At the time of the fail, kernel-source _had_ built successfully; packages
_were_ available as v5.0.9x,

As I understand it, kernel-default is simply derived from my obs instance's

<link project="home:pgnd:Kernel:stable" package="kernel-source"
cicount="copy" />

To rebuild the entire project, I exec

osc wipebinaries home:pgnd:Kernel:stable
osc rebuildpac --all home:pgnd:Kernel:stable

I thought that's sufficient to clean + rebuild all from scratch ... but it
simply re-failed.

Other than from a build remnant _oustide_ my OBS build root, I can't see where
the "mismatched" v5.0.*8* is originating.

What do I need to do to eliminate/avoid this FAIL, & ensure that my
kernel-default builds are in-sync with, and using, the parent kernel-source

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