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[opensuse-buildservice] kernel-obs-build is missed in private OBS
  • From: "Matwey V. Kornilov" <matwey.kornilov@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2019 15:27:08 +0300
  • Message-id: <q7t02s$2o0q$>

I am facing the following strange issue and I need your little help to
debug the issue.

I am running private OBS obs-api-2.9.4 with x86_64 workers and one
aarch64 worker. The ARM worker uses KVM type to run the builds.

Some time ago, ARM worker stopped preinstalling kernel-obs-build for all
builds. And this broke the worker since now it unsuccessfully tries to
use /boot/Image and /boot/initrd to boot KVM guest.
Both OBS_VM_KERNEL and OBS_VM_INITRD are set to "none" in

Using osc buildinfo console command I see that kernel-obs-build is in
the list of dependencies:

<bdep name="kernel-obs-build" vminstall="1" notmeta="1"
version="5.0.5" release="1.1" arch="armv7hl"
project="" repository="standard" />

In the worker logs I see the following:

[ 22s] [1/11] preinstalling libcrypt1...
[ 22s] [2/11] preinstalling libdb-4_8...
[ 23s] [3/11] preinstalling libmnl0...
[ 23s] [4/11] preinstalling libsepol1...
[ 24s] [5/11] preinstalling libsmartcols1...
[ 24s] [6/11] preinstalling libuuid1...
[ 24s] [6/11] preinstalling libuuid1...
[ 25s] [7/11] preinstalling libblkid1...
[ 25s] [8/11] preinstalling perl-base...
[ 26s] [9/11] preinstalling iproute2...
[ 27s] [10/11] preinstalling libmount1...
[ 27s] [11/11] preinstalling util-linux...
[ 28s] copying packages...
[ 42s] reordering...cycle: libncurses6 -> terminfo-base
[ 42s] breaking dependency terminfo-base -> libncurses6

The kernel-obs-build package is missed from the list of preinstalled
packages. The kernel-obs-build package is also missed from

Do I understand correctly, that the package is filtered somewhere in
bs_worker script?

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