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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Re: The repository setup is broken...
On Mon, Oct 15, 2018 at 8:47 AM Bruno Friedmann <bruno@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On lundi, 15 octobre 2018 08.22:44 h CEST Roger Oberholtzer wrote:
On Sun, Oct 14, 2018 at 2:04 PM Bruno Friedmann <bruno@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Once it build, please to forward it to Application:Geo (pcl was a too long
overdue project on my todo)

I will submit:

That one was deleted from Application:Geo not that long ago.

I know the project is probably going to go away and be replaced by
PDAL. I am just now trying to decide how we should add LAS file
support. libLAS or PDAL. Most likely via PDAL.

PDAL (that is complete - the one currently in OBS has issues - I have
taken contact with the maintainer)
Which should be me, and I don't seen a message

I sort of randomly selected a maintainer to sent the message to. He
replied that I seemed to be looking for free support. Hmm..

My message to him was:

I think that PDAL only makes static versions of three required
libraries. Since the .spec file deletes all .a files, there is no
version of the libraries:


I added the option (BUILD_SHARED_LIBS) to make shared versions of all
libs, but it seems that shared versions of these three files are not

The cmake config in the generated PDAL package contains a reference to
these missing libs. So the cmake step in a program using PDAL fails.

Is there a cmake-based package that uses PDAL? For me, I get a
complaint that pdal_boost is referenced in the PDAL cmake file, but
the library does not exist.

I've a draft of it in my home

I had it basically working. Then I played with repos to get something
to work. Now the netcdf stuff is unhappy (conflicting versions -
probably between what is in the recent repos and what some dependent
package used). I want to add PDAL to CloudCompare as I want LAS file
support. And it seems CloudCompare uses PDAL for this.

I'm also having trouble with the compiler running out of memory when
running on OBS.

And probably a few more.

When building for Factory and you get outside the main Factory repo,
there be dragons. So it takes a bit more time that for other
Next message in o-packaging ?


Roger Oberholtzer
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