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[opensuse-buildservice] Cacti Plugins in Server:Monitoring
  • From: Timothy M Butterworth <timothy.m.butterworth@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 7 Jul 2018 17:12:48 -0400
  • Message-id: <>

I tried to track down the packager using zypper info and rpm -qi but
no email is displayed hopefully this will contact the right person or

Cacti 1.0 Merged a large number of Plugins:
feature: Merge Aggregate Plugin - Aggregate graph creation
feature: Merge AutoM8 Plugin - Automation of graph creation
feature: Merge Boost Plugin - Faster polling, result caching,
on-demand RRDtool file updates
feature: Merge CLog Plugin - View Cacti logs
feature: Merge Discovery Plugin - Device discovery
feature: Merge Domains Plugin - Support for domain (ADS/LDAP) specific
user templates
feature: Merge DSStats Plugin - Cache Data Source values for easy retrieval
feature: Merge Logrotate Plugin - Rotate Cacti logs
feature: Merge Realtime Plugin - Realtime graph viewing
feature: Merge Reporting (Nectar) Plugin - Reporting
feature: Merge RRDclean Plugin - RRD file cleanup and management
feature: Merge Secpass Plugin - User password policy enforcement
feature: Merge Settings Plugin - Shared settings for plugins
feature: Merge SNMP Agent Plugin - SNMP Agent for Cacti providing
system statistics
feature: Merge SpikeKill Plugin - Remove unwanted spikes from graphs
feature: Merge SSL Plugin - Force https
feature: Merge SuperLinks Plugin - Add external links within Cacti
feature: Merge UGroup Plugin - User groups with permissions
feature: Merge Watermark Plugin - Watermark your Cacti graphs

Sadly some of these plugins are still packaged in Server:Monitoring
and should be removed.
AutoM8 Plugin - cacti-plugin-autom8
Boost Plugin - cacti-plugin-boost
CLog Plugin - cacti-plugin-clog
Discovery Plugin - cacti-plugin-discovery
Realtime Plugin - cacti-plugin-realtime
RRDclean Plugin - cacti-plugin-rrdclean
Settings Plugin - cacti-plugin-settings
SSL Plugin - cacti-plugin-ssl
SuperLinks Plugin - cacti-plugin-superlinks

Also Cacti 1.0 depreciated some plugins as well:
NTOP Plugin - cacti-plugin-ntop - is depreciated and no longer works
with Cacti 1.x.


Timothy M Butterworth
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