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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Package groups
Hi Mark,

On 06/22/2018 11:41 AM, Morschhäuser, Mark wrote:

currently I need to simplify the installation of about 100 packages with many
inter-dependencies. As rpm and rpm-based installers sometimes install in a
very disadvantageous order and I was unable to cover that via package
requirements*), I created meta packages which are to be installed in a
certain order to setup the software.
A disadvantage is that I cannot uninstall all these packages easily that are
installed by meta-packages.
Now I saw that RHEL based systems have the option to make use of package
groups which are defined in comps.xml files in the repository metadata [1]
and I know that SuSE based systems allow to use patterns (and both are my
target platforms) I would like to read a comparison between meta packages,
package groups, patterns and distribution compatibility and if/how it is
possible to create package groups/patterns with OBS.
Does someone have more information about that topic or can show me examples
on build.opensuse? It seems I am googling the wrong questions :-)

seems you want to cover deployment work already by installing the rpm
packages? Maybe this is the wrong effort to solve your problem.

Packages should be installed with an universal (example) configuration
and configuration should than be done by a configuration management
system (ansible, puppet, salt, ...).
All of them can install your packages in a defined order on rhel- and
susebased systems (and others of course too).

Sorry for not answering your original question, but maybe it helps you


Best regards,



*) Example: Some packages have an absolute requirement that another package
was installed completely before, including all pre, post and other phases; if
zypper/yum/rpm install the packages together, anything could happen - e.g.
alphabetical order or whatever; a simple Requires does not help and
Requires(pre) does not help either.

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