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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] issue with OBS certificates
On Thu, May 31, 2018 at 09:25:57AM +0200, Werner Flamme wrote:

this morning, I get warnings that the file repomd.xml from some repos
has been signed with an unknown key.

devel_languages_go AF4CFE4D307D7BF9
devel_languages_python 27163A4EEDF0D733
devel_languages_ruby_extensions 9AF0C9A20E9AF123
devel_tools_scm 30A8343A498D5A23
network 62EB1A0917280DDF
Packman 45A1D0671ABD1AFB

What's gone wrong? Did I miss something? The repo's URLs all start with
<>, and there are several
repos that have their repomd.xml signed with the usual key.

BTW, I'm not asked to accept a changed key for the repos, so the repo
keys should be unchanged, just those files have been signed with other keys.

These repositories have different keys since the beginning.

AF4CFE4D307D7BF9 seems e.g. the right key id for devel:languages:go

Are these warnings new suddenly? How exactly does the warning look like?

Ciao, Marcus
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