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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Licenses and Leap15
I don't know about the differences between TW and Leap, but Public
domain is not a valid license according to the SPDX license list:

for an explanation. In particular:
  “Public Domain” is a concept distinct from copyright licensing; it
generally means that the work no longer has any copyright protection or
ownership, and therefore requires no license permission in order to use,
copy, modify, distribute, perform, display, etc. In the United States –
and many jurisdictions – copyright protections attach automatically to
creative works upon creation if they satisfy certain minimum criteria.
“Public Domain” would thus represent a significant change to the legal
status of the work.


On 2018-02-20 14:12, vetter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
in Leap 15.0 the License "Public-Domain" is no longer valid. In Tumbleweed it
still is ok.

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