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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] What can cause this on a mirror site?

On 12/02/18 12:00, Per Jessen wrote:
Good question.

I've just checked our mirror access logs for the last 30 days - for
Tumbleweed, I see some 700 404s on yyyymmddhhmm-appdata-icons.tar.gz,
otherwise nothing.

Looking for 'app-icons.tar.gz' instead, I see 57 404s on


Only one with user-agent "ZYpp", the rest from browser "Mozilla/4.0
(compatible;)". This I find a pretty odd - the 404s could perhaps be
explained by the mirror only being partially in sync, but I would
expect to see "ZYpp" hitting the 404s too.

Other users reported the missing file on Tumbleweed not 42.3 update so maybe the problem happens on your servers too but the syncing frequency masks it?
I did have a missing repodata/ file, can't remember which one it was from the main repo maybe missing on another mirror that mirrorbrain switched me to but on that occasion the Tenet mirror worked.
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