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[opensuse-buildservice] How can I build dnsmasq with DNSSEC support?

I'm using dnsmasq from the SLES 12 SP1 repo on my central service host,
and I did not succeed in activating DNSSEC.

Looking at the SPEC file, I see that it adds a line HAVE_DNSSSEC to
src/config.h, what should be sufficient to add DNSSEC support.

But "dnsssec --version" shows "... no-DNSSEC ...". Also the correspondig
lines HAVE_DBUS, HAVE_CONNTRACK, HAVE_IDN result in "no-..."

How can I activate DNSSEC support in dnsmasq? Adding "--dnsssec" and
"--trust-anchor=..." on the command line or adding "dnssec" and
"trust-anchor=..." in /etc/dnsmasq.conf prevents dnsmasq from starting.



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