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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] OBS scheduler features


First of all thank you for looking into the gory parts of the
open build service! ;)

On Fri, Jul 21, 2017 at 09:01:44AM +0300, Oleg Ogurtsov wrote:
I have two patches for review:
1. Fix a problem with different names - OBS package name and RPM name
described in the spec-file.
For example: OBS package name 'linaro-gcc', but name of rpm is 'gcc'.

This should work. So you'll need to be much more specific on where the
problem is. Your patch does a couple of things:

- it changes the way the $notready hash is used, it also uses the
OBS package name.

I don't understand why this is needed. The current policy is to
put rpm source names into the hash, because we can get the source
names from the repository metadata.

- it changes the way package sorting works

Yes, I think there is indeed a bug in the current code, it seems
to mix rpm source names with OBS package names.
You might also have a problem in your code, because multiple
OBS packages can build the same source (this is common when more
than one version of a package is built). So your %name2pkgid hash
must map to an array, not scalar. Setting up a dep2pkgid hash might
be easier, though.

2. Change a scheduler mechanism. The build of non-cyclic packets wait
the builds of cyclic packets.
This has some advantages: reduce time of project build, reducing number
of packages rebuilds.
I tested the patches on the project with 129 packages (41 cyclic) - the
build time was reduced by ~33%.

Hmm, I remember mailing with Pavel Kopyl from Samsung about improving
the handling of cycles. Is this related?

I think the patch does way to much to implement this. My suggestion
from the mail thread was just to tweak the code so that non-cycle
packages come after the cycle ones, and then change the code so that
"$notready" is set of all cycle packages if one of them is

I'll check how much change that would be next week, we can then
discuss things further.

Again, thanks for daring to improve the messy parts of the backend


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