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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Integrating AIX platform into OBS
On Donnerstag, 2. März 2017, 15:05:01 CET wrote Ayappan:

I have a jenkins setup for my build systems. As we know jenkins is a
master-slave architecture where the build normally happens in slaves.
We connect master & slave machines using ssh mechanism. That option is
available in jenkins Web UI. That is pretty much straightword. I have
integrated an AIX machine using the above said ssh mechanism. However
in OBS, i don't see any such options in the web UI.

you would just need to run bs_worker perl executable on your AIX system.
It will register the system as worker at your OBS server.

All what our script is downloading the code and running it

curl -s "$WORKER_CODE"/getworkercode | cpio --quiet --extract
ln -s . XML
chmod 755 bs_worker
./bs_worker --hardstatus --root $chrootdir --statedir $statedir --id $WORKERID

Moreover the way to integrate a remote build machine (say AIX )
doesn't seems to be straightforward in OBS. I went through the manuals
and installed the obs-server instance in a x86_64 machine. As admin ,
i enabled "ppc64" architecture. And there is this preinstallimage
concept which i think is kind of a template (containing basic build
dependencies, build tools., etc).

The preinstallimage are just optional speed improvements so far.

You may be able to use them after some hacking of bs_worker and build
script as base images of AIX OS.

Alternative solution woule be to package the base OS inside of an rpm
which can get extracted. (Keep in mind we install a new entire system
for each build)

My question is how can we make a remote AIX machine as a build machine
for the OBS-server ?
I saw a raw image of obs-worker.
Is this is something which we have to build/create it in AIX ?

Ayappan P


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