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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Questions about build workers (with some answers)
On Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2017, 17:02:22 CET wrote Greg Ward:
Q1) What defines a build worker? A config file? Something in the
database? It just shows up, announces itself, and starts building? (A:
from reading /etc/init.d/obsworker, it looks like a variety of config
files in /etc, mostly /etc/sysconfig/obs-server, define the build
workers *on this host*.)

the bs_worker code gets downloaded from the server by the obsworker
init script and it is registering itself at the server.

Q2) I have 4 build workers defined on my OBS server: are they
interchangeable, or do they all build for different targets? (A: from
/etc/init.d/obsworker plus config files, it looks very much like they
are interchangeable.)

in general they are used for all builds. Check the chapter about
build constraints to learn how to filter them.

Q3) How do I know which build targets (operating systems, architectures,
etc.) a given build worker -- or perhaps I should say, all the build
workers on a certain host -- can handle? IOW, why are my build workers
capable of building for Oracle Linux 7 and CentOS 7, but not Scientific
Linux 6.7? They are all on an openSUSE host, the OBS appliance.

there is no limit, except the worker capabilities like architecture,
disk space, memory and so on. Again, the constraints chapter should be helpful.

Q4) How do I find out if I have any build workers that can handle a
given target, e.g. Scientific Linux 6.7?

all can usually

Q5) Can I run i586 builds on an x86_64 machine? Or do I need a 32-bit
build host? (I only care about i586 and x86_64, so I should not need
anything fancier than a chroot for builds.)

yes, just the "linux32" binary needs to be available.

Q6) How do I add a new build worker that can handle builds for
Scientific Linux 6.7?

only general workers exist.

Q7) How do I add new build workers on a separate host? Does that host
have to be running openSUSE,


or will the worker run on any sufficiently
compatible OS? (Like, say, CentOS 7.) (A: oops, I just discovered the
Admin Guide. It was not very well hidden at all. I guess I'm just blind.
I'm hoping I will find the answer in there.)

good spot ;)


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