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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] dependency problems in OBS:/Server:/2.6/SLE_12
On Montag, 15. August 2016, 12:21:53 CEST wrote Christian:
Am 15.08.2016 um 08:32 schrieb Adrian Schröter:
Do I really need these 'obs-service*' files on the server ?

You need them, if you want to support server side service runs.
When they are need, why are they not part of that repo ? Also same here
for 2.7
Why not 'aggregate' them into OBS project ?

IMHO the 'OBS:Server' should offer all you need to run an OBS Server ...

you don't need them to run it. Actually, I am more in favour just to
kill the package ...
Hope your favour in killing packages is not caused by weekend ;-P

I am confused ... first you say I need them, now you say I don't.
Probably I did not ask clear enough.
As far as I understand now ... I only need them on 'client-side'?

no, you can use them on the server, but they are optional. It is just
a single script atm for a specific usecase. One that is actually not
even recommended.

BTW ...
... obs-server should install the rubygem-passendger-apache2 package,
which it does not.

It is recommended, but no must to use passenger.

... obs.conf (http) should point to an 'existing' dummy cert, which
makes apache not to fail on start.

Same here.

It looks like you are looking actually for the appliance which comes
with all this. But installing packages manually needs more work
on purpose (because you can have various different setups).


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