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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Bootstrapping OBS
Hmmm my monitor page shows active processes for deltastore, armv7l, i586,
x86_64, dispatcher, publisher, signer, warden and dodup.

OpenSUSE’s show me extra processes, like repserver, service and srcserver.

When I trigger rebuild from the UI or OSC I see it arriving on rep_server.log
but I see this on the corresponding scheduler log:

Repository ‘SUSE:SLE-11-SP4/standard’ is unavailable

And this repeats for all the repositories I have. The weird thing is, the
repositories are populated, have a :full.solv file, and work when I ask for a
local build via OSC.

However, I have five workers that refuse to work. How can I whip them into
working? :P

Answering to myself, I found the problem: the projects to which the
repositories were linked to had a “<access><disabled/></access>” on their Meta
configuration :)
After I removed these tags, the workers started building again.

— Erico Mendonça

Dedicated Support Engineer

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