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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Bootstrapping OBS
Em [DATE], "[NAME]" <[ADDRESS]> escreveu:

On Dienstag, 10. Mai 2016, 20:42:28 wrote Erico Mendonca:
Em [DATE], "[NAME]" <[ADDRESS]> escreveu:

2) copied all the binary RPMs to a staging area and proceeded as noted on
the documentation (stop the scheduler and move everything to the
corresponding :full directory, each package renamed to just “.rpm”
without a version). Even though a :full.solv file was created after a
while, I still see no packages at all for the project.

source package containers? no, you don't see them.

How should I proceed to replicate these locally without interconnect? I may
be having firewall/proxy issues here.

hm, best way is maybe for you to copy the binaries to some directory, call
"createrepo" manual there and
use that as DoD URL (we should really enable rpm-md meta data on our SLE
medias ...)

Please note that you will need at least also the SDK, depending on what you
want to build.

Working on that right now. I noticed that it won’t accept file:/// URLs, I had
to place the files accessible via http.

Hmm, not working here. I get a 502 error after a long time. Does it need
access to anything other than on port 443? I’m behind an
authenticated proxy + firewall...

Do you have configured the proxy either in



our BSConfig::proxy = ...;


Do you see error messages in /srv/obs/log/src_server.log ?

Can you reach manualy with curl using the proxy from that

Yes, I had the proxy defined in sysconfig, and curl works. But repeating the
osc api command with the —http-full-debug parameter, I was able to see the
proxy error messages. I added “our $proxy = …” and a corresponding “our
$noproxy=…” to, and things started working. I’m now able to perform
operations o projects via interconnect.

However, the frontend search won’t return results from Is
that intentional?

— Erico Mendonça

Dedicated Support Engineer

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