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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Best way to keep local Installation updated
Hi Adrian,

Am 28.04.16 um 09:41 schrieb Adrian Schröter:
On Donnerstag, 28. April 2016, 09:40:15 wrote Adrian Schröter:
On Montag, 4. April 2016, 10:14:50 wrote Ralf Becker:
We have a local installation of obs running on ESX Server for a few years.
We have problems every time we have to update the OBS server to a
current version.

If we start with the Appliance from would we be able to keep
that Installation updated?


Can we then simply update the appliance by downloading the new Image and
deploy it to the Server?

The appliance images are migrating the data, if /srv/obs is mounted on an
extra volume.

Or would it be better to do a Package Installation on a Opensuse Server
and keep that current?

You can also just update the packages. No matter if you deployed the
or did a manual installation. Read the README.UPDATERS file for details, esp.
how to migrate the database.

You wrote in your other mail that you run OBS 2.4. Please note that you may
need to update to 2.5 first to go to 2.6 (or 2.7 beta) directly.

We have success full updated from our 2.4.5 appliance to a 2.5.7
appliance, all OBS data incl. projects and packages seems to be present.

We then tried to update from 2.5.7 to a 2.6.9 appliance without obvious
error messages on the console, but OBS seems empty now.

Logs look like it did not migrate but created a new instance:

obs:/srv/obs # cat /srv/www/obs/api/log/db_migrate.log
Seeding architectures table...
Seeding roles table...
Seeding users table...
Seeding roles_users table...
Seeding static_permissions table...
Seeding static permissions for admin role in roles_static_permissions
Seeding static permissions for maintainer role in
roles_static_permissions table...
Seeding static permissions for reader role in roles_static_permissions
Seeding static permissions for downloader role in
roles_static_permissions table...
Seeding attrib_namespaces table...
Seeding attrib_types table...
Seeding db_project_type table by loading test fixtures
Seeding issue trackers ...

Any pointers where to look?

We also tried and failed with the following upgrade: We installed and
empty 2.6.9, created a single project and package and tried to update to
2.7beta (2.6.90) appliance. Project is also gone after the upgrade.

-- Ralf Becker
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