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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Preserving ~/rpmbuild/BUILDROOT/* contents after osc build
On Mittwoch, 20. April 2016, 12:11:43 wrote marguerite:

在 2016年4月19日,15:21,Markos Chandras <mchandras@xxxxxxx> 写道:


Does anyone know how to preserve the contents of ~/rpmbuild/BUILDROOT/*
after a successful osc build? It looks like osc build cleans up that
directory once it has built the rpm files. However, I would like to
examine the ~/rpmbuild/BUILDROOT/ directory to address some rpmlint

osc build. It does the same thing locally without deleting the buildroot. You
can then find the buildroot in /var/tmp

that is right, but rpm-build does.

Add something like

exit 0

to your spec file to skip the cleanup of BUILDROOT.

Alternatively, does anyone know if it is possible to use 'osc' to run
only specific parts of the build process? for example, I would like to
run configure->build->install and stop there.

In specfile, add a false statement after make install eg

make install || false

Any ideas? I believe that's a useful feature(s) to have so if there is
currently no way to achieve that I will open a bug report.


Adrian Schroeter
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