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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Improvements for building .deb packages for projects with an in-tree debian/ (or debian.upstream/) directory
On 22 February 2016 at 22:27, Jan Engelhardt <jengelh@xxxxxxx> wrote:
On Monday 2016-02-22 22:51, Terry Burton wrote:
1. SUPERFLUOUS TAR FILE: I'm using tar_scm to create the tarball from
the project's Git repository and to provide automatic versioning,
however I seem to require a duplicate tarball just for DEB that has a
static filename as referenced from the DEBTRANSFORM-TAR tag. It would
be great to be able to simply use the versioned output of tar_scm

Solution: Do not supply a DEBTRANSFORM-TAR line at all.

Thanks. I seem to recall that when DEBTRANSFORM-TAR is omitted
debtransform croaks because it sees both
and_service:recompress:tar_scm:postscriptbarcode-{VERSION}.tar.gz as
candidates for the tarfile. I will test this tomorrow as it's getting

2. DEBIAN.* FILES: I have to separately map each of the files in my
project's debian.upstream/ directory to debian.* files for OBS. It
would be great to indicate to debtransforn that a particular directory
in the tarball contains Debian packaging.
[ 2a. [...]
Debian guidance is for upstream projects to name any included
DEB packaging something other than debian/ such as debian.upstream/ as
I now do. So indicating that some otherwise-named directory provides
the DEB packaging seems preferable. ]

You could just remove the debian/ directory from the source tarball.
Many projects, so I believe, have done that over the last 15 years as
they realized that distro-specific code should be with the distro
instead, also because it has been a bitrot factor.

I agree that this is true for most standard packages especially if the
authors do not care about packaging. BWIPP is an extensive resource
programmed in an atypical programming language (PostScript) and uses
custom compilation routines to prepare the resources in a number of
formats. Beyond this it also has a basic C helper library with
bindings for several languages. Experienced packagers have struggled
to get the build procedure right because they are so unfamiliar with
the PostScript environment and they tend to pick a subset of the
bindings that they are most familiar with and package only those
leading to the wrong kind of diversity.

Providing some guideline packaging that sets a firm standard and works
well helps to promote consistency across distributions, even if they
choose to trim the fat or specialise things. They have a benchmark
against which to compare their own packaging and a neutral place to
contribute improvements that might be useful for other distributions
(or at least I can cherry-pick them).

Continuous Integration of the packaging routines using services such
as OBS helps to prevent bit rot (assuming the authors care about

3. VERSIONING: A Debian non-native package must have a version that
ends in "-N", which is incompatible with RPM versioning.


is necessary in the .dsc to get the automated "N" like it
already happens for .spec builds.

This works. Very helpful, thanks!
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