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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] force reevaluation of prjconf
On Sonntag, 7. Februar 2016, 23:17:59 CET wrote Brian K. White:
On 12/15/2015 10:47 AM, Henne Vogelsang wrote:

On 15.12.2015 16:18, Olaf Hering wrote:

But see thr "If a pkg is in state "unresolvable" after commit, and
the prjconf gets changed to solve the dependency no rebuild happens."

How about you create a bug report or better a pull-request? :-)


Apologies for dredging up an old thread.

Why is it more right to jump to the conclusion that it's a bug in need
of a bug report, before asking if it even is a bug?

He really asked if there was a re-eval command, which seems like a
perfectly reasonable question to start with. If the answer turns out to
be "no such command exists", so what? How could he know that *before*
finding out?

Yes, sorry. It is currently a wanted behaviour by design. Therefore Olaf is
right to complain.
Question is if we want to tackle this via an extra command or via a behaviour
change of the scheduler. That needs some discussion ...

His response here is also quite rationally pointing out that the
suggestion to edit the file was nonsensical, since he already said the
file was edited.

Basically, to me it looks like you treated him like someone making
demands, when he made no demands. Shall I add a disingenuous smiley too? No.

I don't have patience for people who expect me to do work for free just
so they don't have to bother doing something they could and should do
for themselves either, but if you are going to be intolerant like that
(as I admit I am too), then you obligate yourself to be correct
yourself, and only chastise the deserving.

Henne tried to involve more parties and the bug report would avoid that the
issue get's lost. I can tell that it is a known issue, but the solution is not
obvious, so the chances are high that a mail on a mailing list will not
finally lead to a solution...

good morning :)


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