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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] How to build debian packages locally?

On Sunday 2016-01-10 23:05, James Bottomley wrote:

However, when I try to build locally (to verify I've got the debian
files right), the build fails because it can't download any of the
build dependencies:

osc build Debian_8.0 i586
Updating cache of required packages
100.0% cache miss. 0/542 dependencies cached.

Trying openSUSE Build Service server for base-passwd (Debian:8.0), not
found at
Trying openSUSE Build Service server for user-setup (Debian:8.0), not
found at
Trying openSUSE Build Service server for perl (Debian:8.0), not found

I seem to recall in times past, the local build would try the upstream
repository when a package wasn't found on the build service (which is
true for all debian and ubuntu packages). Is there something I need to
configure to get this working again?

The message indeed comes across as oddly formulated.
What it better should say:

"Debian:8.0/perl not found at mirror,
using bsrpc:// instead".

And because both binary imports, and packages with
<publish><disable/></publish> are not on the HTTP, that message
appears with increased chances when building for something else than
the typical openSUSE projects, and when building on a third-party
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