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[opensuse-buildservice] Conditions in spec's BuildRequires section doesn't work correctly

My OBS version is 2.6.2, and I found that OBS looks like could not analyse spec
correctly in below cases.


This is part of sane-backends.spec in centos 7. On the top at spec, there is

%if !0%{?fedora}%{?rhel} || 0%{?fedora} >= 18 || 0%{?rhel} >= 7
%global libusb1 1
%global libusb1 0

and in BuildRequires section, there is

%if %libusb1
BuildRequires: libusbx-devel
BuildRequires: libusb-devel

When initialize compile enviroment, libusb-devel was installed, but in fact,
libusbx-devel should be installed,
I think this may becauase of my worker is suse 11.3. While start build,
building was soon end with an error
"Can't find BuildRequires libusbx-devel".


%if 0%{?opensuse_bs}
BuildRequires: glibc32
BuildRequires: /lib/ /usr/lib/ /lib64/

In my project conf, I added "%define opensuse_bs 1". But still, my package
status is unresolvable, tips is
"nothing provides /lib/, nothing provides /usr/lib/, nothing
provides /lib64/, nothing provides /usr/lib64/"

As workaround, what can I do for these two cases. Anyone can help?
Thank you.

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