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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] syntax to create _link to specific revsions
On Montag, 27. April 2015, 13:08:42 wrote Olaf Hering:
For short:
obs setlinkrev -r 130
set revision to 0a89b97678cca77c5cb6ed8b26628d65 for package
obs up -e
Expanding to rev 8fe7b258738f5d078d312bc32263b5b5
A g-ir-dep-tool.patch
A gobject-introspection-1.44.0.tar.xz
A gobject-introspection-rpmlintrc
A gobject-introspection-typelib.template
A gobject-introspection.changes
A gobject-introspection.spec
A gobjectintrospection.attr
D _link
At revision 8fe7b258738f5d078d312bc32263b5b5.

But: r130 is certainly not package version 1.44.

# eosc cat GNOME:Factory gobject-introspection _link -r 130
<link project="openSUSE:Factory" package="gobject-introspection"

The revision 130 contains an unversioned link to openSUSE:Factory.
But current factory got already the version 1.44

What you can do is running

eosc buildhistory GNOME:Factory gobject-introspection openSUSE_Factory x86_64

You find for example this line:

2013-09-19 19:50:21 CET c2f381f828a02bd37b82c34edf905bd8 1.37.6-131.19

Take the md5sum and use this one as -r paramater. This is the revision
of the merged sources from that point of time of revision 130. You will get
package version 1.37.6 this way.


Adrian Schroeter
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