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[opensuse-buildservice] Some questions about buildservice.
Some Questions.

- Is it possible to use a few ioDrive PCIe Solid State Memory cards [ 80
,160 or 320GB cards ] [1] to handle big obs build jobs ,speed-up build

e.g kernel, java, libreoffice factory builds.

- Also is it possible to use ioDrive with x86_64 pre-built image to copy
as build for big build jobs.
- Be interesting with just 1 card and say how many packages it builds in a
day [keep stats about these details]


[1] price list ioDrive PCIe Solid State Memory cards ebay [ lists 80 ,160
32 and 640GB cards]

[2] Fusion IO Interview

[3]About (from url)

Unparalleled Performance Density

The ioDrive is a revolutionary new solid state technology that
dramatically increases bandwidth and application performance, reduces
latency, and simplifies your IT infrastructure, all while slashing capital
and operating costs.

Fusion's ioDrive dramatically improves application response times with a
persistent, high-performance, high-capacity ioMemory tier. It enables data
decentralized architectures that move terabytes of process-critical data
into servers. This minimizes application latency to deliver groundbreaking
improvements to computing performance, while greatly reducing hardware
infrastructure, maintenance, floor space, and energy costs. Minimizes
latency and eliminates I/O bottlenecks by integrating with host servers as
a memory tier extension.

Accelerating Your Data

Integrates with servers at the system bus and kernel level, creating a
new Flash memory tier
Not an Solid State Disk (SSD) - easily outperforms dozens of SSDs and
a single server
Accelerates applications, improves response times, and boosts
Reduces storage latencies and eliminates I/O bottlenecks
Delivers the performance of thousands of disk drives in a single
From 160GB - 640GB of enterprise-grade, solid-state Flash
Easy to use, highly reliable

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