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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] local check for if the "Requires" statements are correct?
Hello Martin,

thanks for the answer.

On 25/10/14 04:34, Martin A. Brown wrote:


when I am doing an osc build locally all packages that are specified
in the "BuildRequires" tags are installed in a isolated environment.


Is the same possible for packages (including their versions) needed
at runtime, i.e. specified by the "Requires" tags?

Needed? Or wanted? If your software will not work at runtime without
a specific version of the library or other package on which your
software depends, then yes, it is not only possible, but advisable.
The software needs a _minimum_ version of a dependent package but this
fact was not automatically detected by rpm, see below.

My goal is to run some unit tests of packaged software to ensure the
Requires dependencies are specified correctly without having to test
it on a separate test machine.

Perhaps I do not understand your question quite correctly, but, here's
my summary:

Guaranteeing correct package versions at runtime is exactly what
the 'Requires' tag accomplishes for you.

Probably I am not familiar with the correct technical terms. I try to
describe my scenario in more detail:

1) I created a package for a QT application [1] without secifying any
Requires tag.
2) I installed the package on my machine. No problem when executing the
app because (among others) libQt5Core 5.3 was already installed.
3a) I installed the package on another openSUSE 13.1 machine via
3b) To resolve dependencies libQT5Core 5.1 got installed automatically
from openSUSE 13.1 repos.
3c) When execute the app I got a runtime failure because libQT5Core >=
5.2 is required.
4) To fix it, I specified Requires: libqt5-qtbase >= 5.2

So my question is if it is possible to have a sandboxed environment on
my dev machine where I can test _in advance_ if the Requires tag is
needed on non-dev maschines.

- Gregor

Are you asking about the syntax of the Requires tag? Here are some
examples for a piece of software which would (respectively) require
any version of frobnitz, or any version newer than 1.2.0 or a
dependency requiring exactly frobnitz-1.1.7 [0].
There is no question about the syntax. Thanks.


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