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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Managing a new devel repo
On Thursday 2014-09-11 01:53, Greg Freemyer wrote:

- How do I make security:forensics a legitimate source of SRs to factory.


- Given I have 60 or so packages to "osc changedevelrequest" (CRs),
when is the right time to do that?


- When the time is right, should I do all 60 at one whack, or should I
spread them out over time so as not to overwhelm the factory review

There is no real review needed for CDRs. Smuggling in different code
would become evident once an SR is issued.

- Do I need to reach out to anyone directly before I start issuing CRs.

The package maintainer.. that would be you.

- Once the CRs are done, do I just issue a bunch of osc deletes?

rdelete if you are sole maintainer (per pkg meta), dr+accept
on shared maintainership. That's just to notify others. Having two
copies is not such a good state to have, so the sooner it gets deleted,
the better.
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