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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] delete a project and packages
  • From: Ancor Gonzalez Sosa <ancor@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 27 May 2014 11:40:23 +0200
  • Message-id: <>
On 05/26/2014 01:12 PM, Adrian Schröter wrote:
Hi Brian,

This is caused by the sphinx index engine, which aborts the action
while trying to update the index. You may want to create an issue
on github for this.

Ancor, can you check how to avoid this in future, even when
there is a real problem with the index?

I have gone through it. It happens in very special situations (not easy
to reproduce) so I will write a test "mocking" ThinkingSphinx to
intentionally raise the error and a fix for it. Hopefully this week.


On Freitag, 23. Mai 2014, 14:39:38 wrote Brian K. White:
I branched a package by mistake in the web interface.

It created a new subproject under my home project.

Now I can't delete either the package or the subproject, either via the
delete links in the web ui or by osc rdelete.

What I tried:

* On the package summary page in the web ui,

there is a link that says "delete package".

It just returned a 500 internal server error.

* On the subproject summary page in the web ui,

there is a link that says "delete project"

It just returned a 500 internal server error.

* "osc deletepac" says the command is obsolete and to use delete or rdelete.

* "osc rdelete home:aljex:branches:utilities byobu"
puts me in a vim editor with no explanation, but says something about a
log entry when I esc:q! out of it, so I tried again and wrote "created
by mistake" and esc:x , and that returns:

"/tmp/osc-commitmsgYCbCUa.diff" 3L, 68C written
Server returned an error: HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error

* "osc rdelete -r home:aljex:branches:utilities"
does the same as above.

So how do I delete this package and the subproject project it's in?

In the mean time, I DO want the package in home:aljex, so I used "osc
linkpac" to put a link in home:aljex without branching or copying again.
That worked fine.

osc linkpac home:aljex:branches:utilities byobu home:aljex
Sending meta data...
Creating _link... Done.

That's probably not a bad way to leave it for good, but I would like to
know why none of the delete commands worked as advertised.

Ancor González Sosa
openSUSE Team at SUSE Linux GmbH

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