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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] AppStream AppData

Quoting Michael Schroeder <mls@xxxxxxx>:

(It unfortunatelly collects from the wrong directory, so the data
is not useful at all...)

Careful not to confuse appdata and appstream data... appdata is the file you find in /usr/share/appdata (one per application) and appstream is the collection... which is sadly enough distributed / expected to be called appdata.xml.gz (yeah... very confusing).

So in short:
OBS does the right things on openSUSE for example.. what we're missing is
that zypper copies the appdata.xml.gz (and related icons!) to the right
cache location (a zypp plugin is missing for that).

Btw: Factory's libzypp already parses the appdata.xml.gz file.
Dunno if 'zypper se -t application' already works, though.

zypp should especially put the appdata.xml.gz into /var/cache/appdata (IIRC.. will have to validate) and extract the corresponding icons.tar.gz in the right location.. that's how gnome-software could make use of them; and preferably, they are updated based on the repo metadata.

Sounds like a good spring to work out with Richard (gnome-software maintainer), who assisted me a great deal end of last year (just before the 13.1 release) to get at least 'something' to work.

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