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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Problems with libreoffice build
On Donnerstag, 9. Januar 2014, 11:42:09 wrote Tomáš Chvátal:
Dne Čt 9. ledna 2014 11:37:06, Adrian Schröter napsal(a):
On Donnerstag, 9. Januar 2014, 11:26:56 wrote Tomáš Chvátal:
Hello guys,

I am having trouble while building LO-4.2 in LibreOffice:Factory [1].
The build fails on IO error due to full disk. But in the repo the
constraints are set [2] and I verified localy it never took more than 17G
of space.
It does not look like an OBS error at least, since you require 20G disk
space and it got assigned to a build instance which provides 20,1G.

Maybe the installed system + unextracted source is more then 3GB in size, so
this would explain it?

or did you check the entire system or just your expanded source tree?

I simply counted what is in the build-root on my machine where it finished.

scarabeus@bugaboo: /home/build-root $ s du -hs openSUSE_Factory-x86_64/
15G openSUSE_Factory-x86_64/

okay, but that is after %clean got executed?
Also, it could be that the build may need way more temporary.

I see that the last successfull build took only 9GB according to the
_statistics file.
Did something change or do we collect wrong data here?

The thing was redone to not be crazily split to create the -prebuilt packages
which are then processed again in different specs.
So now it does all in one build.
And I also enabled tests which spam tmp with 1g of things or so.

okay, that explains it.

Is there any way to check out what is wrong there. Or should I just stamp
there requirement for 25G to be really really sure it builds?

Might be a solution, but first verify how much the entire system is taking,
not just the build tree.

my suggestion is to increase it for now and check the _statistics file
It should give you an idea of a reasonable size.

Keep in mind that a job has less chances to get dispatched with increased



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