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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] Fun with source services

On 20 November 2013 19:42, Greg Banks <gnb@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
6. The recompress service could be used to compress the tarball from
tar_scm, but it takes a fixed incoming filename, without wildcards.
This doesn't work when tar_scm is generating a tarball filename which
has a version number encoded in it, which version number is not known
at the time the _service file is written.

No, it does not

osc cat OBS:Server:Unstable/build/_service

Ok, I tried that example and it worked! The difference seems to be
that I was using

<param name="file">novaprova*.tar</param>

instead of

<param name="file">*.tar</param>

I see now what I did wrong: the actual filename is
_service:tar_scm:novaprova-9.git.20131101.tar not

Also, what's a good way to kick off an OBS build from a GitHub webhook?

using tokens and the OBS github plugin. I will document and blog about it

Ok, so I poked around github setting and found the "Obs" service
plugin there. The documentation says

2. Create an authentification token for your account using "osc"
commandline tool:

osc token --create

but that doesn't work for me; the "token" command is neither
documented nor present in the osc_0.141.0_all.deb package.

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