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Re: [opensuse-buildservice] submitting a specific revision does not work

Quoting Olaf Hering <olaf@xxxxxxxxx>:

On Mon, Oct 21, Dominique Leuenberger a.k.a. Dimstar wrote:

Quoting Olaf Hering <olaf@xxxxxxxxx>:

>On Mon, Oct 21, Dominique Leuenberger a.k.a. Dimstar wrote:
>>>I'm sure it builds ok, just not for 11.4 and older at this point.
>>That might be valid, but the fact is: it never builT on OBS in this rev...
>>and as such, the script has no chance of knowing if it would build.
>So if I had submitted it at the time 242 has the most recent version it
>would have been ok?
>I just double checked, 242 builds fine for 13.1.

It would not have rejected it immediately, but it would also not have
accepted before the build passed at least once.

What does it check to verify if rev N is good? I see its been 6 hours
between 242 and 243. To me it looks like something never attempts to
built what was actually submitted. Are you saying OBS just waits for
results in the origin, instead of building the submitted, different
sources once more? If so, that smells like a error.

The verification is rather simple:
- Does rev N as submitted build

This simple check can not be verified for Rev 242.

Many reasons why rev 242 never built: no worker available is the most common one (you're not new to OBS.. you know that at times it can be lengthy to get to a build result).

rebuilding stuff on submit does not sound like the best plan neither.. The main question should probably be: why was there a rev 243 checked in and why would this not be important enough to be forwarded (well in fact it WAS forwarded, but the request was declined (by me) for not following the packaging guidelines).

IF this request would have been accepted, what would have been the point of rev 242? Are we just having a meta-discussion here?

The solution stays simple:
- Submit a fixed HEAD
- Revert the changes of r243 and resubmit after it built

Anything else will not get your package into Factory...

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